Round four: Gore

Mad Max: Fury Road vs The Revenant  

Mad Max: Fury Road

This is a quest, a road movie and a rock opera all rolled into one. As far as I can tell (I haven’t seen any of the Mad Max movies), Max was captured by a violent, misogynist dictator who looks like a clown and who enslaves women, children, young men and a bunch of other people for purposes of breeding, supplying blood and some other stuff I couldn’t figure out. Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is a fuel truck driver who embarks on a run to Gas Town, but instead of oil she’s ferrying the dictator’s wives (models, of course) to what she thinks is a safe place, but of course it isn’t. George Miller’s apocalyptic vision features explosions, rock music and weird, fantastical creatures. You have to appreciate it for what it is, and what it is is unlike anything I’ve seen before.—EFH

A visually amazing, high-action chase through a dystopian future with a badass female lead. Some disturbing characters and scenes, but on the whole I really like this movie. I didn’t understand what Tom Hardy was saying most of the movie, but it didn’t take away from my enjoying his character. This was all about the action. The biggest surprise for me was Nicholas Hoult’s performance as he transformed from a crazed, violent lackey to a crazed, tenderhearted boy in love.–CKB     
The Revenant

First of all, Jeremiah Johnson is one of my favorite movies. It too is an 1820s American survival story, and I have no intention of ruining it by seeing The Revenant. Plus, I don’t have time and The Revenant isn’t on demand. Sorry, Leo.–EFH


In fifth grade I spent a week home from school, physically sick from reading a book about the Donner Party and their winter survival tactics. Spoiler alert: They ate their friends and family. So The Revenant? Nope. Not going to happen. Didn’t see it, don’t intend to.–CKB


Winner by default: Mad Max: Fury Road

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