It’s the little things . . .

. . . that lead to bigger things.

When we launched three years ago, we had one modest goal: to publish an online literary magazine that created, in words and pictures, a community of voices sparked by one idea. We chose a word for each issue – resolution, spin, industry – and offered readers as many ways to think about that word, or idea, as we could find. To this day we are honored that the writers and photographers whose work we featured trusted us to publish, many for the first time, their essays, stories and photographs.

It was you, however – our readers – who really started us thinking. You took the time to read each issue, sending us comments and sharing mutterhood with others. Even more importantly, you encouraged us to keep going. In fact, response was so positive that we allowed ourselves to think, maybe we’ve hit on something bigger.

words. pictures. community.

Those three words have always been at the heart of what mutterhood is about, and we realized what it could more than just the magazine. We wanted to share an experience – reading, writing, responding to images – but when we really thought about it, that experience centered on one thing: storytelling. The mutterhood community is built around the power of one story, told well in words and pictures, that speaks to the reader in its own way.

We believe in the power of a small moment to tell a bigger truth, and that’s where we’re going from here. Yes, we still publish mutterhood, the magazine – and we have big news on that front that we’ll share later this summer.

But there’s so much more. We’re expanding to offer more stories to our readers across several different platforms, including: a Friday newsletter, the minute, that offers a quick shot of things to read, see, go and do; mutterings, our monthly newsletter, featuring personal essay, photography, reviews and other content; mutterReadsa book club (fun!); and opportunities for you to share your own stories through Facebook and Instagram, including contests that could land your writing and photography in the pages of the magazine.

Our hope is that as we get rolling, you’ll find in mutterhood the type of reading experience that makes you think, brings a smile and hopefully prompts you to share. We promise to keep bringing you the same powerful stories, both big and small, that we have in the past, only now you’ll have new ways to discover them. As always, let us know what you think.

The words and pictures are our part; building our community is up to all of us. We can’t wait to see what it becomes.

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