Family Photos

For demonstration purposes, here is a photo we took while visiting the Space Needle in Seattle:


You may be wondering, who in their right mind would share that photo? We look like we spent the night in the rain waiting for the last train to the apocalypse. To a person this is the worst picture we’ve ever taken. Even the green screen gave up and stopped filling in the background, anxious to move us along for a more photogenic family. And yet, this photo is one of our favorites. Really. It never fails to elicit a laugh and provide us with a launchpad for memories of that trip. My boys even begged me to use it as our holiday card photo (I declined). But that’s the point of photography. It can capture a moment, warts and all, that brings us together and gets us talking. It used to be that we mostly captured the bigger moments, weddings, birthdays, graduations and the like. These days a camera is in nearly everyone’s hands, capturing moments big and small. I’m here to tell you they’re all important, good or bad, even if it’s just to you. So spend some time getting your photos off your phones and iPads and memory cards and even cameras and put them throughout your living spaces. You’ll be thrilled with what develops. – CKB

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