All the Missing Girls

allthemissinggirls ‘I have to tell it this way, in pieces. I have to work my way up to it. Work my way back to it. I have to show you the beautiful things before I get to the ugly.’

Even if you can go home again, should you? In Megan Miranda’s All the Missing Girls, that question is explored when a young woman returns to her hometown after a decade spent elsewhere reinventing herself. Leaving shortly after her best friend went missing, she returns for family obligations and finds herself in the middle of a second disappearance. Exploring the past and the present takes place in a reverse chronology, from day 15 to day 1, and brings a resolution to both mysteries. But does it bring closure?

As in any good psychological thriller this story kept me guessing until the end. Where were the missing girls? How and why did they go missing. What secrets were revealed? Can you ditch your past? The backwards reveal took some getting used to and I had to flip back and forth a few times, so it may be an easier read in print. But I happily recommend it as a weekend diversion. You won’t want to put it down. CKB

mutter meter: 3 out of 4



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